Post 6 Chapel Hill Hosts NC Pork Council Event

If you missed our Hog Event last weekend, your loss.  This reporter visited Friday night to wish the teams well, scout out the program, “grin-hug-and grip,” and cheer them on.  As I crested the entrance hill, I was immediately greeted by a gaggle of RVs set up for the night.  These guys take their pig events seriously.  Everyone was smiling, bragging, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pigs.  Cookers were at the ready.

The teams are like family.  If there is a contest or special event, it is time to think “Pig.”  

The main post home was also getting rigged and ready for the many local guests who have been anxiously awaiting Hog Day and the fun of taste-testing the many whole hogs in competition.  Rumor had it that one or two of the entrants are “newbies.”  This was their first contest.  Watch out!  Pig roasting, once you’ve done it, is a lifetime adventure.  It is not just the all night babysitting the roasting pigs, it is the people camped out next to you.  There are “my secret family” methods, rubs, herbs, and more that everyone is sure to share.  They are proud of their efforts and methods.  It is like talking to marksmen in competition.  There is a lot to what is done to ensure a “perfect” and award-winning hog.

The Post hosted a Friday Night Chicken and Ribs for all who gathered.  It was their way of thanking the many people who spent the day preparing the Post Home and getting ready for the big Saturday event.

Well, if you missed it, you will have to wait until our next event.  However, we can not help but boast and share pictures of the event.  We only regret that we could not package the aroma of the sizzling hogs.  You will just have to “come on down” and sit a spell.

If you are a veteran, did you know that you are eligible to join our Gold Standard Post?  That’s right, if you served honorably for just one day, you can be one of us and enjoy the benefits of our Post.  Membership cost is modest and you can sign up TODAY and online.  It will cost you about what you would spend in a fast food joint with your “bestie,” and you will gain the friendship of over 300 veterans  from all walks of life who now walk together right here in Orange County, North Carolina

Chapel Hill Post 6 Hog Event April 2024 Photos

Chapel Hill, NC, April 16, 2024 – Lee Heavlin


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