Member Application

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As a  veteran, joining us is as easy as completing this application. The period of service for eligibility are printed on the form.  

Just open the link and a PDF form will appear in your browser.  You can type directly on the form and save it as a PDF file to your personal computer and then send it as an attachment (with a copy of your DD Form 214) to us.  Your DD Form 214 validates your service and period of service.

Membership Application American Legion – Legion Act Post 6 052723

Caution.  If you join via National as a first time member, you are joining the “Member at Large” category and are not an official member of Chapel Hill Post No. 6.  We do not get credit for your membership until your second year, even if you transfer in right away.  Also, National dues are now $45.00.  Our dues are still jut $40.00.

Lost your DD Form 214 (separation document)?  We can assist you with getting it later.  For more information on getting a DD Form 214, click here


If you have forgotten to mail your dues to the Post, you can pay online with National or click on the box to the right to pay the Post direct using your credit card. Select the BLUE CHECKOUT  bar and fill in the blanks.  

Please return the completed application to: AMERICAN LEGION POST 6 3700 NC HWY 54 W, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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