Membership has benefits.  There are many discounts available to members of the American Legion.

View all national discounts

Our featured local discount is from Red Roof Inn.  They are offering a 10% discount to members.  View offer.

Using Credit Cards – Do you know the ease of access of cash can create lots and lots of unforeseen consequences?  Credit cards give you access to “tomorrow’s money.”  Be careful in your use of credit.  Spend within your means and pay yourself first with a savings account.  

Getting Help with credit debt.  The easiest way to stay out of trouble is to understand how credit works and what resources are available to you as a military service member.  The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides some relief, but only if you know about it and how to access help.  One tool can be the Credit guide for military members and their familiesLearn more

We thank the many companies that offer special discount programs to our veterans.

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