Robert Bauman

It is with deep personal regret that we share with you the passing of Robert Bauman.  Robert passed away this afternoon, March 30, 2016, at about 2 pm.  He will be greatly missed.  He exemplified the American veteran that comes home from conflict and rolls up his sleeves to help his friends, veterans and his community.
Past Post Commander Lee Heavlin reflected today of his memories of Robert Bauman and what he did for Chapel Hill Veterans.
He wrote, “Many of you have experienced the joy of laughing and joking with Bob.  He loved storytelling and sharing successes and failures.  Be it the weather or solving a problem, it was sure to be an enjoyable conversation.
Hidden from view was his commitment to helping others, his community, his employees, veterans, Scouts, Boys State, and the American Legion.  Did you know that Bob was an Eagle Scout?
I first met Bob during my first year as post commander four years ago.  I was in a real pickle, as was the post.  Our post badly needed repair, upkeep, and an air conditioning unit.  We had just gone through the failure of the unit for our small meeting room.  We cooled it with squirrel cage fans during the last month of summer!  It was our Post Christmas Party and Pete Jaeger brought Bob over to see me.  Pete had been sharing our dilemma and what we have been doing.
I added to his introduction to the “Perils of Post 6” (our on-going trials).  Bob told me that he would like to help.  He even might have equipment that could be used to replace our failing unit.  At this time, Bob was just a guest of a Legionnaire.  He was not even a member.  He brought a number of crews from BEAMCo.  Air Condition, Plumbing and Electrical teams descended upon the Post.  They working on everything.  That was just the beginning of years of behind the scenes generosity that kept our doors open, lights on, and more.
Bob Bauman with other vets and family seeking shelter from the rain at Snow Camp
Bob Bauman with other vets and family seeking shelter from the rain at Snow Camp

Bob also liked to find ways to bring the post members together.  He supported and contributed greatly to our Christmas Event and auction.  He brought friends at the post together for social events, outdoor shows, and excursions.  He thoroughly enjoyed Memorial Day and the Chapel Hill Village Band.

It has been a long, close and personal relationship for many of us.  As I shared with Dr. Dingfelder today, “Bob was the cement that kept our Post intact and operating during our most difficult recent years.”
As post commander, I got a lot of praise for what was getting done to save our post, but it was Bob Bauman, my own personal guardian angel, that stood next to and behind me to share knowledge, resources, his personal wealth, and friendship.  And, the “behind me” remark?  Well, when I was about to run out of viable solutions, he was there to catch me and you the members of Chapel Hill Post 6.  He was always there for us.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.
Details on his memorial service are not available. We will share more as they are known.
I ask that you take a moment to pray for him and his two daughters.  He is not with us, but his blessings will always be present at Chapel Hill Post 6.”
Lee Heavlin, Past Post Commander 
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