Boy Scouting

American Legion posts sponsor more than 2,500 Scouting units across the country. This is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as veterans to help build character and positive traits in our country’s youth.

Canoe on PondDuring the 94 year history of American Legion Post 6 Chapel Hill, hundreds of our members have worked with scouts as scout leaders, sponsors, benefactors, and Scout Masters.  Our post grounds are ideal for scouting.  We have raised our children on the grounds and many of them were scouts.

We encourage our returning veterans to take time out of their busy schedules to join our post so that they, too, can add to our legacy of service to scouts.  By putting their efforts into the American Legion, they can ensure that our post can continue to serve for the next 100 years.  They will do this by adding their efforts of others as they show their children the importance of growing up in our town as strong men and women.  Learn more about scouting and how you can contribute.  Contact our Post Boy Scout Representative, Lyle Miller, for more details.

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