Post 6 Special Use Permit

Our new post home’s zoning is much like the Legion Road property zoning.  To use it as we want, we need special permission.  For our new site it was a Special Use Permit for a Camp / Retreat.

The preparation of the documentation for the Special Use Permit involved a lot of work by many people in the post.  It also required the specialized services of an Engineer and an Architect, as well as legal representation, testing of the site, and expert testimony.  Our petition was nearly 90 pages.  You can view a copy by contacting Orange County.

Want to learn more about what is necessary and how we work together to build our new post home?  Attend post meetings, especially the Executive Committee Meetings.  All American Legion meetings are open to all members.  Maybe you will want to be considered for committee membership or an officer’s position.   Join in!

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