Commander’s Message

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Want to know what we are up to or what our long term plans are?  We publish a periodical message to the members as a report from the Post Commander.   It sets the tone for what we are doing to serve our community.  Here is a sampler of what we are up to.  It is our message to our members.

A major factor in our post revitalization program is membership. It takes active members to operate a post. And, it takes an active post to draw new members and to motivate members to spend time at the post. We have a great site and I am determined to make it as inviting, friendly, and a “go to” place for not only our members, but local veterans. These are not just words, they are what we, as American Legionnaires are committed to do.

What are we doing? A lot. If you have not been to the post since the last monthly meeting, you have missed a lot. What have you missed? First, it would be members working. They have been painting waxing, chipping ice off the walkway, repairing the post, hanging pictures, cleaning out junk, repairing tables, and much more. In fact, if you arrive early for the post meeting you will find a number of them setting up the post and preparing the meal.

We are proud of our accomplishment and you will find many examples of them on this web site.  Why not explore

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