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Giving back to our community is something that is shared by our Scouts.  One of Troop 505’s Scouts, Dallas West, has recently completed a project to earn the Boy Scouts of America William T. Hornaday Badge for Conservation Service.

His project workbook is amazing to read.  It shows organization, planning, cooperation, teamwork, project management, and many other skills that were honed in the Scouts.  More importantly, it chronicles his efforts to conserve Jordan Lake resources by creating an Interpretive Trail.

The project site is at Jordan Lake State Park Ebenezer Church Recreation Center.  His Interpretive Trail is about one mile in length.  The project included design, building and erection of about 20 signs that display factual information about adjacent trees and plants, animals, and other wildlife.  This was no easy task, as it took about two years to complete.

The signs were made with metal frames and plaques that are graffiti resistant.  Dallas designed the signage, created the displayed narrative, and fabricated them.

When asked about why he chose this project, he stated that it was his way of paying back.  Project cost is estimated at about $3,500.  The Audubon Society and others helped fund it. He job was to gain their financial support and the support of about 20 volunteers.  About 17 other Scouts assisted.

Dallas West is very proud of this project.  When asked about what he got out of the project, he stated, “Satisfaction.  The project gave me ideas for projects in the future.”  He also stated that he learned a lot about planning and developed better communicating skills.

We, too, are proud of this young man and the small part we played in giving Dallas West and Troop 505 a natural habitat and “home.”

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