Member Training

Yes, we have training. Training is available for all Legionnaires at the American Legion College held each July in Clemmons, NC.  See the post adjutant for enrollment.

Can’t make it to the two-day event?  Then you can enroll in American Legion Extension Institute course of study and take the course on-line.  Learn more.

Leadership Development training at Fuquay-Varinia Post 2012
Leadership Development training at Fuquay-Varinia Post – Oct 2012

Training is also available within Division III at the fall Leadership Development training sessions.  Posts from all districts within the division send participants for an abbreviated training session covering post operations, post management, membership, program development, and public affairs.  This is an important training session held in October.  Why not attend with the post commander?  You will learn a lot about the American Legion and get to meet people in strong, weak, and struggling posts.  Share your ideas, learn new ways of doing things, and hear from American Legion leaders.

What can you learn today about your Chapel Hill Post?  You can explore the operations and procedures of an American Legion post by reviewing one of the many manuals available to you.  All are available on-line from National. This year we have several new editions of core program manuals.  Here they are:

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