Selling Post 6

It all began here on Rosemary St in 1919. It was in June 1955 that we sold our first home.
It all began here on Rosemary Street in 1919

Our post is getting a lot of attention in the media lately about the sale of the post property. One would think that this is new news, but it is not. It has been considered a number of times over the last 25 years!  Our current decision started three years ago with a simple question, “What’s our mission today?”

We are often asked about what we would do “if” ….  Our post commander has a simple answer:

“….  it is inappropriate for the American Legion to comment on any scenario as long as there is a contract between Woodfield Investments and the American Legion.  

It is the obligation of the American Legion to preserve the legacy of our forefathers who resided in Chapel Hill.  The legacy they left us is a plot of land that now houses a decrepit building over 50 years old.  That building needs to be rebuilt and we need to build one that will serve not only the veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, but the younger members who have served in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other actions. 

Younger veteran’s needs are different than those of older veterans.  Today’s veterans in the local community need help with child care as parents try to make ends meet; they want exercise rooms with state-of-the-art equipment; they want a place to park without paying an arm and a leg; they want a first-class meeting facility where their children and grand-children can be married in style and elegance…and you know what?  They deserve it! 

They earned it and some gave everything they had…even their life. 

I will make one comment regarding Woodfield Investments.  They made a “good faith” offer to purchase the American Legion Property…the Town of Chapel Hill was given an opportunity to purchase the property at a lower price and declined.  Everyone wants to leave a legacy to their family…this property is our legacy and we need to use the sale of the land to perpetuate that legacy.”

We will provide information about what is going on with the sale of the property and the story behind the sale.  We will also provide a Question and Answer section to common misconceptions.

New items will be added as we can share them.  And, you will be able to follow the story as it appears in the local press.

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