Post Bylaws Update Notice 2024

Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Incorporated – Notice of  Changes to Constitution and Bylaws

The American Legion is a dynamic organization and as with all such groups, change comes.  The Chapel Post No. 6 Constitution and Bylaws of 2021 required additional changes to address the National Constitution and Bylaws changes.  Those changes apply to all Departments and their state posts.  Our Department of North Carolina’s recent changes led to a review and update of our constitution and bylaws.  

The Post Executive Committee, following approved and revised guidance, submitted to the Department of North Carolina a revised Constitution and Bylaws for review and approval.  After a review of the Department Judge Advocate, found further changes were necessary to comply with the National and Department Constitution and Bylaws.   On March 12, 2024,  the Constitution and Bylaws, Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Incorporated, were approved by a unanimous vote at a regular meeting according to the (inferred Constitution) requirements specified in Article XII, Section 1, of the Bylaws dated March 12, 2024, which were approved by the Executive Committee on March 7, 2024. 

View our 2024 Post No  6 Constitution and Bylaws.  


The following is for reference purposes only.  Bylaws mentioned are now approved and are the Post’s Current Constitution and Bylaws.

A topic of discussion within the Post and leadership is easily addressed by checking our Constitution and Bylaws.  Many sections remain unchanged as National, and Department Constitution and Bylaws evolved.

The Constitution and Bylaws of Chapel Hill Post No. 6 were last reviewed and updated, and finally accepted by Post Membership on March 12, 2024.  

All members are encouraged to download (or view online) our official bylaws.  Remember, the Constitution gives our post authority to constitute a nationally approved Post.  Our bylaws are a subset and provide further information and specific instructions as to procedures to be followed by the membership to ensure compliance with our Constitution.


Common Questions and Answers:

  1. The Post Executive Committee (PEC) is the corporation equivalent of a Board of Directors
  2. Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Incorporated, is a North Carolina Corporation.
  3. The “No. 6” in our incorporated name is required in all official corporation documents, as it is part of our unique incorporated (legal) name.   For example:  If “Chapel Hill Post 6” C is shown in a document as an additional insured, that’s not us!  We are Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Incorporated.
  4. The American Legion meetings generally follow Roberts’ Rules of Order.  However, when Roberts’ Rules of Order conflict with Post Bylaws, Post Bylaws are followed.
  5. Post Judge Advocates are normally not licensed North Carolina Attorneys at law.  The Post Judge advocate serves as the Post Parlimentarian as they provide advice and counsel on most matters involving the Post Constitution and Bylaws and Roberts’ Rules of Order.  provides the Post with nonpartisan guidance on parliamentary rules and procedures
  6. The Bylaws contain the duties and responsibilities of all post officers.  Candidates for office should familiarize themselves with the Bylaws, as well as the Constitution, as each position is identified as to the responsibilities involved.  All members are eligible for office and may participate as a candidates by following the procedures therein.


Published and distributed on March 24, 2024

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