Where’s My Post Mail?

If you are not receiving Post News, email, or Newsletters, it may be caught in your email provider’s SPAM filter.  We can check on our side if it was delivered or you have not shared your email address with us.  Your not getting mail from us.  Our server is reporting that the Post News has been going to you and have NOT been rejected.  That suggests that Gmail has decided to sort your mail from us as Promotional.  This has been the case since a recent change to their service.

We are looking for any anomalies that prevent good communications with the post and our membership.  And, when identified we provide assistance in fixing your sudden loss of email from Post 6.

The fix:

 Do you have an email account?  No?  Then you need to call the Adjutant and get on our direct mail list with USPS. 

  1. HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? If  “Yes,”  Send an email to the Post Adjutant.  Send it to [email protected].
    1. Hint: Telling someone at the post that your email is not working may not get to the Adjutant.
      1. Your email to the adjutant from your actual or new account gives the Adjutant an actual working email address.
      2. Handwritten notes could be misread.
  2. Have you checked your email account’s SPAM, Social, or Promotional folders for a Post 6 email? Our headers include our email address: [email protected]
      1. If found right click on the email and select MOVE TO INBOX or THIS IS NOT SPAM, or other applicable option for your service.
      2. We suggest you search for the following string in the Gmail or other search box: Post 6 Annual Meeting – May 11th
      3. If not found, open Gmail Trash and repeat the search.  Once located, right click on the email and MOVE TO  then select IN BOX.  That will instruct their server to reclassify it as GOOD reading.
        1. We also suggest adding the Post as a contact.  That will signal that we are working together.  A Google .csv file is available from the Adjutant for you to use to add us to your contacts.  Mail goes to the Post Adjutant directly.
        2. Here is something to help you directly locate ALL communications to members from the post.  It is on our post website.  Click this direct link.
        3. At the top of the page is a box that says, “join our mailing list.”  You can click on that link to send a notice to Gmail, or your provider and it will show you as a linked subscriber. and our server that you are a subscriber.  Here is the page link and a sample of the page is shown.
      4. NOTHING WORKS.  Contact the Adjutant by email now.  Do not wait for a meeting.  Why?  The Adjutant is the go-to guy for a lot of things and is not perfect.  He may lose a small piece of paper, back of an envelope, or forget a comment in passing.  Our goal is to help you.

Here is a sample of the screen Newsletter subscription link results:

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