Landscaping in Progress

ImageSpring is here in more ways than one.  It is that time of year and it is also a time for  post renewal.  We are  working with Boy Scout Troop 505 to restore our grounds.  They are planning a day of projects on April 14th.

One of the projects includes repairing the erosion along the pond area.  Recent droughts have killed a lot of grass and heavy rains washed some weak soil away.  We will add some French tiling to prevent saturated soil and top it all with good dirt, fertilizer and seeding. Benches will be added to replace the missing benches.  New trees are also coming to restore some of the memorials originally placed by Troop 39.

One of the things we needed was tons and tons of dirt.  Covenant Trucking Company of Youngsville, NC, was in the area on a project.  They generously agreed to provide us with three huge loads of dirt, delivered.  That saved us a lot of money.  We have enough dirt to repair the damaged areas, fill-in low spots, and have some left for small projects around the post.

Mark your calendars for April 14th.  It will be a good day to be here while the scouts are performing their community service for us.

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