Christmas at Post 6

Christmas flagI remember Vietnam and receiving a Christmas packages from my sweetheart and mom.  I remember broken cookies, a small bible, trinkets, popcorn for packing, and the notes.  There is something special about Christmas for servicemen and women.  It reminds us of our service days and those with whom we shared our holidays with far away from home.  Be it World War II, the Frozen Chosin, the Delta, the Highlands, the jungles of South America, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and more, we all have our memories.

At Post 6, we gather to remember even more.  Some, like Frank Horner, remember growing up at Post 6, then he watched his kids and nephews play and ride their tricycles in the large meeting room.  Some will remember lawyer and State Commander Luther J. Phipps and others who served our post and went on to be State Commander, American Legion.  Others will remember Bud Childress as he walked about asking, “…whose making the coffee?”  Bob Patton’s tickling of the piano keyboard at our Christmas Parties and Robert Bauman smiling in the corner  because he found a home full of good people to spend an evening with.  Whatever our memories, Christmas is a time to be joyous and to count the blessings that are ours.

You have been mailed a special Merry Christmas letter from the post commander, William Munsee.  With it is your official invitation to our Post Christmas Party.  Mark your calendar’s for Saturday, December 10th.  Silent Auction and social hour starts at 5:30 pm and dinner is at 7 pm.

Dinner is Prime Rib and Chicken.  You get to sit back and enjoy the meal prepared by a caterer on nice china on a well-decorated table adorned with fine linen.  Its Christmas!

Download a copy of the invitation to ensure you get to read it and share it with family as you await your copy. Christmas Party Invitation 2016

After you finish reading it, ask, “Does Betty or Pearl know about this?”  Do not assume your fellow member or Ladies Auxiliary member knows the details of the Christmas Party.  Worse yet, they may have decided not to come because of transportation or other reason.  Your personal phone call or visit may be just the medicine they need to get out to the Post for Christmas 2016.  Give your friends a call.  Ask, “Have your R.S.V.P.’ed…”

This year you R.S.V.P. to Post Adjutant.  You can do it by phone at 919-260-6571 or email to [email protected].    This year we will serve by random tables so that everyone has an opportunity to go through the buffet in an orderly manner.

A word on our Silent Auction.  It is not just to raise money.  Our Silent Auction is fun and raises  spirits.  We use it as a centerpiece for the Christmas Party Social Hour.  We look at the goodies, laugh about what the bids are, get excited about the possibility of winning and more.  We are having fun and that it what Christmas is about at the Post.  It is our chance to play together and remember years and years of memories.  Memories of post members long gone, memories of the past year’s successes and failures, new friends, and the chance to share the Christmas spirit with others.

For now, plan on coming and R.S.V.P.   Don’t forget to mail your checks for your meal.

New to the area and an eligible veteran?  Contact the post adjutant.  We would like to meet you and your family.  Our post home can be your home, too.  Welcome, Home.

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