We’ve Got Party Space

When we give tours to visitors or potential hall or meeting space renters, we get a lot of “Ooooo’s” and “Ahhhhh’s.”  We often hear, “What a beautiful park.”  We often take for granted the beauty of our post.  We see it almost every day.

We are now a go-to site for party space.  Be it a college fraternity or sorority or a family looking for a huge parking area for their guests, we have what they are looking for.  Our post “park” and “lake (large pond)” exudes beauty and welcomes visitors.  You might say that we have “curb appeal.”

Take a look at some photos of our post in use by many different groups.  It will give you some great ideas.  Learn more

We have indoor space for groups of 100 or 200, or you can use both spaces!  Some rent large tents for their wedding, social, or political events.  Chapel Hill has many caterers and pig pickin’ event coordinators for you to choose from.  Need a special touch for your event, we can help you coordinate your event for the nearby Sheraton to cater your meal.

How about you?  Are you looking for party space or meeting space for a sales or community service event?  Give us a look.  You can call us at 919-537-8703 and leave us a message.   Whatever you do, don’t delay.  Reserve space for your event now.

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