UNC Chapel Hill Vets Project – Ruck for Hunger

DSCN1710There are a lot of current conflict veterans at UNC-Chapel Hill and they are about to undertake their second annual RUCK FOR HUNGER Project.

This event at UNC may be the most important event for Post 6 in recent history.  And all we have to do to make it a success is to show up and outreach to UNC vets.  And even better yet, show up wearing something (including Post 6 name tag) that identifies you as an American Legion Post 6 member.

Why is this so important for our Post?  The future of Post 6 depends on convincing, hopefully many, UNC vets that the American Legion, specifically Post 6, is worthy of their membership.

There are an estimated 1,200 vets attending UNC.  We want to shatter any stereotypes they may have of the American Legion and traditional veteran’s organizations.  Our Post needs these vets now.  They are the future veterans of Chapel Hill and surrounding aras.  Some will leave Chapel Hill upon graduation, but history has shown us for over 60 years that many stay and many more return.  And, the new Chapel Hill Post Home which should be built in about three  years, needs them even more to carry the Post 6 legacy into the future.

We need our younger members to be a face for Post 6 who these young vets can relate to.  So, we really need vets from the Panama Conflict-to-present service period to socialize with the UNC vets and potential members.  You can come to UNC on Saturday morning and/or to the Post after about 12:30 PM for a cookout.

If you haven’t come to a monthly second Tuesday meeting or haven’t been to a meeting in a while, please make it a point to come to UNC on Saturday.  I think you’ll find this event a worthwhile experience for yourself, other vets, and the Post.  Even in the rain, we’ll be there.  If you know of a Post 6 member in this date-of-service category, please contact them.  There are a number of members who don’t have emails documented with us, and your contact may be the first they’ve heard about this important event.

For more information and to volunteer, contact  Vice Commander Bob Medred (Air Force, 1981-1998).  Email him, just CLICK HERE



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