Troop 505 Honored

Troop 505 joined our post just one year ago.  They were in urgent need of a new home and we welcomed them.  It was a perfect fit.  Our 35+ acre site is a natural site for Boy Scout and Cub Scout activities.  Our post site is their very own Scout Wildlife Nature Habitat.

The troop went to work in and around our post restoring our nature habitat.  They repaired the tree line around the pond, worked on wooded areas, tended to endangered seedlings and memorial trees, repaired our flagpole garden, and did many other things to help their new home look new again.

Their meetings are frequent with weekly sessions.  And, there is also a Venture Crew (co-ed).  We watched them and we were impressed.  Their membership was growing and grew about 40% while with us their first year.  Kids were happy.  Parents were participating.  New ideas and goals to benefit others were ever-present.

Outside the post they were active at Jordan Lake where they worked on the Jordan Lake Trail and restored some areas; returning eight times.  They spent 120 hours at the Cedar Falls Park; performed a BioSweep (12 hours); and performed a memorial service flag ceremony.  They camped out twelve times and 18 members attended summer camp.  Nineteen of their members advanced to First Class Scout during the year.

The Troop received numerous Scouting Awards, including Quality Unit for 2010, Outdoor Award for 2010-11, and the 2011 Excellence Award.

Scoutmaster Robert West receives NC Troop of the Year Award

It was obvious to us that we chartered an outstanding group of Scouts who were continuing the 100 year tradition of scouting.  We were not alone.

The American Legion Department of North Carolina felt so, too.  Troop 505 was selected by the North Carolina American Legionnaires as Scout Troop of the Year for 2011-12 and were presented with the award at the 2012 North Carolina Convention in Raleigh, NC.

We look forward to another great year of scouting in Chapel Hill as we host the Best Troop in North Carolina at Post 6.

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