Slate of Officers including Nominations from the Floor

This is the official Slate of Officers from the Nominations Committee.  It includes several nominations from the floor at the April 2024 General Membership Meeting.  The Official Ballot (required as there is one contested position) includes all the candidates listed below.  Each position will also have a corresponding line for “write-in” votes.  You may view each of the candidate’s biographies by clicking on their name.  All candidates have provided their biographies.

Voting is done at our regular meeting night in May.  That is May 14th at 5:30 p.m.  Voting is open until 7 p.m.  Remember, alcohol is not permitted in the voting area.  Members arrive and enter through the left main entrance to the DINING ROOM.  Stop at the PEC Conference Room entrance to sign in to vote.  You must be a paid member for Post Year 2024 to vote.  If you have not paid this year or you are not sure, go to and sign in to your member account.  You can also download your lost or misplaced membership card while signed in to National.


Post Commander – nominated from the floor
1. Matt Attaway
2. Robert Medred

1st Vice Commander  –  Clifton Baldwin

2nd Vice Commander  – Martha Avery 

3rd Vice Commander –  Jason Dickens

Adjutant  – Keith Kirkland

Finance Officer –  Chuck Pope

Veteran Service Officer – William Munsee

Parliamentarian (previously Judge Advocate) – Charles Weinberg

Historian –  Lee Heavlin

Chaplain – James Mackorell

Sergeants-at-Arms (vote for six)
1. Wally Washburn
2. Lance Kress
3. Robert Sweeney
4. Edward Gerhardt
5. Michael Hatcher

6. Lonny Kylander

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