Let’s Bring Them Home

Have you noticed that one of your buddies has not been at a recent meeting?  Did you see a familiar face on Memorial Day and found out that they just can’t drive at night?

Help may be on the way.  We have one member who has a van and he is willing to get some of our homebound members to our meetings.  Robert Medred asked, “Do we know if there are any members who can’t make it easily to the monthly meetings due to transportation (maybe can’t drive)?  If there are any, we can pick them up, take them to the meeting and return them home.  My personal van can hold six passengers comfortably, and I could be a shuttle.”

Of course, he will not be able to solve all of the requests, but maybe with a little help of other members we can bring our absentee members home and to dinner with their friends.

We need your help in making this work.  First, call your missing comrades and check on them.  Do they need a ride?  Can you pick them up on your way to the meeting?  If they are out-of-the-way or crosstown, maybe another member or Robert can assist.

Next, set up a time to pick up your friend.  If you need other help, contact Robert Medred. It will take teamwork to make this work.  All of us working together can bring our comrades home.  Email Robert Medred

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