Jim Mackorell Turned 90!

Jim Mackorell has just turned 90 years of age.  Actually it was celebrated on September 17th at the Post.  Isn’t he a handsome fellow?

Did you know that Jim has served as our Chaplain for a number of years?  He is also our Scouts Committee go-to guy.  Scouting is almost, or should be, his middle name.  He has been a Scout leader, coordinator, project manager, and Chapel Hill’s Mr. Recycling.  The Town of Chapel Hill continued many of the Scouts programs as formal Recycling Programs for the community.

I recently chatted with Jim about the changes in Orange County’s glass recycling program.  I shared that we are back to separating glass, again.  Jim said, “Well, you know, the Scouts started collecting glass bottles in Chapel Hill and we had a program where we sold the glass to a company that repurposed the glass…”  Yes, the Scouts were collecting aluminum cans and glass way before the Town of Chapel Hill started their programs.  The funds provided hundreds of Scouts funds for their programs.  The Scouts also raised funds in many ways, including distribution of shredded and aged leaves for landscaping.  Jim even drove the trucks. 

Many of his fellow Legionnaires, former Scouts, and friends gathered to honor him on his birthday.  They shared stories that go back nearly 50 years.  And, of course, Scouts of all ages tell their many stories of local Scouting and Jim Mackorell.  

We are honored to have Jim in our Post and thank him for all that he does as a Post Officer and as “Just Jim.”

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