Where’s My DD-214?

We often get inquiries about lost, misplaced, or just can’t be found military separation papers–the infamous DD Form 214.  It is actually quite easy to request a replacement, but it will take time.

This form is proof that you served in the uniformed services and certifies your character of service.  It is an important document and is needed to join veteran groups, apply for VA services, purchase a home with a VA Loan Guarantee, or, in a worse case situation, to obtain funeral honors for a veteran and a flag for a funeral service.  

First and foremost, there is no fee charged for getting a DD Form 214.  If you are searching the internet for a site offering a DD Form 214 and there is a charge, you are at the wrong site.  Just visit the VA’s site at https://www.va.gov/records/get-military-service-records/

And, if you are a member of Post 6, you should have a copy of your DD Form 214 on file.  If not, we’ll let you know and we’ll help you get one for our Post records.  It will always be ready for you when you need it. 

Not a member?  See our membership page for information on joining the American Legion.  Download a membership application




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