Veterans Day at St. Thomas More School – Nov 14th

stm-veterans-day-2013-5St. Thomas More Catholic Church school is holding a Veterans Day recognition event, “Honoring Men and Women of Service Day” Monday, November 14th. The school asks that all veterans join in and asks that you would spread the following invitation to our special day with the students. Here is the event invitation and details.

This is an outstanding event with hundreds of kids gathering  to watch the formal raising of their flag to commemorate Veterans Day.  See photos from an earlier event.

St. Thomas More School is where Jim Mackorell’s wife, June, served many years.  A church garden was dedicated in her honor in recognition of her years of service.

St. Thomas More Catholic School wants to meet and honor those who have served our country through the military, past or present. The morning of Monday, November 14th, using the program that is the same as in years past:

  • guests arrive before the drop-off line gets too busy before 7:30, received with coffee and refreshments
  • as the children and teachers gather in the school hall by 8 am, the school will introduce everyone to the school community and we will enjoy some patriotic music from school children
  • everyone will then proceed outside for a flag ceremony and a blessing for military service
  • interested guests can visit our classrooms where children want to hear about what serving the country is all about.
  • The whole morning lasts until 9:30 am, or 10 am for those spending extra time with classrooms.

You may RSVP by contacting Beth Ferrel at [email protected] or 919-942-6244

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