Seymour Center Remembers D-Day

A special event was held to commemorate D-Day in Chapel Hill on June 18th.  The event honored all World War II veterans with speakers remembering both the European and Pacific Theaters.

Mark Sumner spoke about his early attempts to sign-up only to be rejected several times.  Then, when he thought there was no hope for him to serve, he received the infamous letter from “The President of the United States”  courtesy of his local draft board.  He was summoned for a physical examination and met the standard for service!  His humorous tale was followed by recollections of the Battle of the Bulge.

Major Everett “Bud” Hampton, USMC (Retired) also spoke of his experiences island hopping toward Japan.  He fought as part of three invasion groups and then landed on Iwo Jima.

Event coordinator Walter Mack displayed many items from the Second World War.  Ration  cards, coins, military payment certificates, booklets and more were available for everyone to examine.

Our post was pleased to participate in this event as part of our Community Services program.  If you would like to request a member of our Speaker’s Bureau attend a local event and speak about veterans, veterans’ experiences, or life in the military, let us know.  We also speak on flag etiquette, Boys State, veterans services, and more.  Learn more

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