Paul Fiorentino Celebrates 90th Birthday

Another World War II vet has reached his “Big 90.” Today we celebrate Paul Fiorentino’s 90th Birthday.

Paul Fiorentino has been a long time member of our Post and is a member of the “Post Renewal Team” that helped pump life back into our Post during the last eight years.

There were some tense moments leading up to our decision to renew Post 6 and Paul and his family pitched in more than once to save the day.

In the pictures below, Paul and his son “P.J.” came to the rescue of the Post Commander when there was severe erosion from water runoff towards the pond. Thousands of pound of dirt was trucked in from a Fordham Blvd. project to the pond area. Paul arranged for the spreading of the dirt and restoration of the landscape.

“It was nothing…, ” was Paul’s response to praise and thanks from the Post Commander. No, Paul, it was much, much more than that. And we are all so thankful that you joined The American Legion. We are truly better for your service to your fellow members and our community.

There are hundreds of stories of our Post Members coming to the rescue of the Post. They gave their time, their money, and their leadership to “Save Post 6” and help us continue our Legacy for the next generation of veterans.

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