Our Veterans Memorial Needs You – Orange County

You have heard us talk about it and some of you have even participated in the initial project for a veterans memorial in Chapel Hill.  A lot has happened during the last five years. It is now getting a home on a pristine site overlooking Homestead Road and a new name, The Orange County Veterans Memorial.

First, local veterans meet periodically to review the project and to help with fundraising and memorial design.  They are looking for veterans who can work with them to bring the memorial from design to dedication?  Is that you?  If yes, contact Post Adjutant Heavlin. He is on the Veterans Memorial Committee.  Other post members on the committee include Jessie Torres and Perry Reaves.

2-Site with trees
Just beyond the tall trees will emerge our memorial.

Next, we need your financial support.  We want to start a fundraising project within the post as an American Legion project.  This is not the first time for us.  Did you know that the American Legion and Legionnaires from all over North Carolina raised money to build and outfit the Memorial Chapel at North Carolina Memorial Hospital?  Our Post 6 started the project and led it through to dedication.  It is time for us to step up to the plate again and to hit a home run for our veterans of Orange County.

If you have been reading the Orange County Senior Times, you may have noticed a story on the veterans memorial on page three.  If you missed it, click here.

1-Aerial view
The memorial is near the parking area above Seymour Center

The Orange County Veterans Memorial will be on a  large open area above the Seymour Center on Homestead Road.  It is easily accessible and there is plenty of parking and a bus stop is there too.  Learn more

Share the vision of other veterans and let’s do what we can to encourage our friends, neighbors, employers, churches, businesses and others to find ways to make personal and group donations to the project.  It makes a wonderful memorial remembrance gift, too, and it is more enduring than flowers.

We’ll keep you informed about what is going on to support the project at the post level. This will include our Ladies Auxiliary.  It is an exciting time for us at Chapel Hill Post No. 6.   We may be nearly one hundred years old, but we are still a vibrant, energetic, and growing post.

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