New Legion Brand Mark

For over 100 years the American Legion has been identified with a special emblem. Now we have changed how we use the emblem. This is part of a rebranding of The American Legion.

The new brand mark already officially replaces the official American Legion emblem on all things promotional, including  apparel, signage, websites, social materials and more.  The 1919-patented official emblem of The American Legion remains in use for official documents, memorial  observances, uniforms, flags, and post signage.

The rules for use of the official American Legion emblem and the new American Legion brand mark are available online at The rules are strict and ensure protection of both the official emblem and the brand mark.  

You will soon see the new brand mark appearing on all new American Legion publications, as well as Post 6 communications, websites, on FaceBook, our newsletters and more.  Patches, decals, and other approved accessories will soon be available through American Legion Flag & Emblem.  

Watch for more information on our new American Legion brand mark from your District Commander and the Department of North Carolina.  As always, members are not authorized to use the American Legion emblem or new brand mark on personal correspondence, forms, advertising, or signage.  See the Post Adjutant for permission and applicability for Post-sponsored event  signage and printing.  Learn more



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