Military Tattoo

For over 400 years there  has been the Military Tattoo.  It was first used to alert tavern keepers to “turn off the taps,” the drummer is coming.  It started around 9:30 p.m. and as the trumpeters and drum corps marched through the town as the soldiers and sailors would pour out of the houses and taverns to follow the music and return to their ships or barracks.  The beer taps were closed, the soldiers were heading home.  Time to end the day, they’ll be back tomorrow.

Tattoo came from the Dutch words, “doe den tap toe.”  It was toe-tapping” music.  The Tattoo evolved over the years into significant musical events at barracks and posts everywhere.  It was showtime!

Our Memorial Day celebrations at Post 6 have been muffled this year with the “Stay at Home” and follow-on directives.  However…. Here is some toetapping music with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 2005.  Let us remember those who are at rest with a salute and a memory from your family history.  They may be gone, but they are never forgotten.


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