History Shared and Preserved

“PH” Craig, a long time Chapel Hill resident, has been making significant donations to the North Carolina Transportation Museum.  These are gifts from the heart as they are items from his former extensive collection of historic vehicles.  His story is one of sharing and giving back, so that others may see first hand North Carolina and American History.

PH recently shared this story, “Do you guys remember red white and black autos, with flipper hubcaps from the fabulous fifties?

This is a 1956 Chrysler STREGIS in cloud white, centennial red and black, fabulous fins, forward look, a fast 356 cubic inch HP Hemi engine, back when bumpers made a large statement. Inside is pearl white leather with charcoal grey piping. Everything inside, and out is new. Just donated to NC. Transportation Museum at their request.

Frankly I was so honored to be asked. It will be on display for generations to come. This is one of three Chryslers from me. (1957 New Yorker, 1960 300F Junior Johnson liquor hauler), and do you remember the yellow and black Ford Galaxy, the pink and grey Chevrolets, and the aqua and white colors that every company sold in the mid-fifties.

I gave three to NC Historical Sites, 1924 tin lizzie ford, WWII Willys Jeep (Bill Friday jeep), and a WWII General Patton Dodge Army Command (really a ¾ ton 4 door truck that was). (These vehicles will be moved about throughout the state to historical sites and events for generations to come.)

Thought you guys would like to know,”  PH Craig.

We are so proud of PH.  Others might have “cashed in” and shipped their valuable historic and antique vehicles to one of the many specialty auction houses.  This veteran gave his vehicles a new “forever home” at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.

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