Finding a Home for our At-Large Members

Post No. 6 members are gathering today at the Post to work together in a project to invite Department of North Carolina at-large post member (members of Post 1981) to affiliate with Chapel Hill.  

The membership team will contact each Post 1981 member (and there are many) that is living in our area and in and around our new post home on NC Hwy 54.  Most of the candidates are paid members for 2018.  They have paid their dues and receive materials from the Department and National, but they do not have the opportunity to visit a nearby post that they call home.

At the same time, part of our team will contact members that have not yet renewed their membership.  It is time to “bring everyone home” for our Post’s Centennial Year.

Each American Legion post is unique and offers much to their local members.  Programs and projects at a post are only limited to the imagination and creativity of post members.  There are, of course, the core programs supporting the Four Pillars of the American Legion, but we can provide them with a place to go for camaraderie.

Our new post home is their home, too.  Our members decided to build it for this reason and we look forward to increasing our membership and ability to serve more veterans, their families, and our community.

Want to learn more?  Here is a story from a post in Montana.  It reflects the efforts of posts everywhere across the country.  

“The way Department of Montana Legionnaire Elmer Palmer sees it, transferring department headquarters post members into local posts is one of the keys to keeping them in The American Legion.

Making a Legionnaire feel needed and giving he or she something to do at the post is more likely to result in a member renewing their membership and staying with the organization for years to come. That’s the effect it’s had on Palmer.”

(continue reading the story.  Click here)

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