Discounts for Post Members

Veterans receive some very generous discounts on entertainment, meals, services, and materials. Home Depot not only gives veterans a 10% discount, but they help posts in need and hires a lot of veterans.  One of their vendors has extended a special discount to us.

We are pleased to announce that our post has added another discount to our list.  Behr, maker of Behr and Kilz paints, has added our post to the BehrPro Rewards program.  We have been buying a lot of paint and now qualify for this special contractor program.  Learn more

All Behr paint purchased by the post or a member is discounted. This means that any member of the post can purchase Behr or Kilz paint at Home Depot and receive a BehrPro discount of 20%.  Home Depot Veterans’ discount does not apply to BehrPro Rewards for post members.  Please ensure your paint purchases are rung up separately from other Home Depot purchases.  The Home Depot Veterans’ discount applies to those purchases only.

Behr paint products are top rated and consistently appear at the top of the list for quality when when tested and compared to other products.   So, if you are about to paint a room, rooms, or your whole house, you can save significantly.  And, if you are hiring a painter, you can purchase the paint for your project for your painter using the American Legion discount.

We thank Behr for making this discount possible.

Here is how it works.  Select your paint.  Let the paint department person know you are a BehrPro customer.  When you check out, tell the cashier it is a BehrPro Rewards purchase.  They will ask you for the American Legion, Post 6, account number.  Provide it.  Next,  show them your retired, active duty, VA card, or other acceptable veteran’s identification for the Home Depot Veterans’ discount.  It is that easy.

Oh, what’s the number?  We can’t publish that on the internet.  You have earned this discount and we need to keep our number to ourselves.  Contact Ed Gill or the Post Commander and they will provide the number to you.

We thank Behr for watching out for our veterans and especially the members of Chapel Hill Post 6.

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