Cars, Cars, and Trucks

Open CAR SHOW at 7503 Sunrise Dr (behind Carol Woods Retirement center). Time: this Sat Nov 9 and Sunday Nov 10 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

American Legionnaires are invited to see over 20 classic collector cars and military vehicles.  You WILL NOT see these in usual car displays.

The Assistant Secretary of Cultural and Natural Resources, Dr Kevin Cherry has been to Chapel Hill four times with his people and their wish list. The North Carolina Transportation Museum will be getting most of PH Craig’s collection (they are asking for them).

What an honor, but here is  some of what you will see this weekend: 

Bill Friday’s WW II Jeep (exactly like the one he was issued in 1942, come and hear the story and photos).

General George Patton had a famous Dodge Command Car, (radio Boday), WC 56. PH said, “I have three of these very rare vehicles.”

General Eisenhower and other generals were frequently photographed with the ½ ton Dodge Command Car

Groucho Marx advertised the 1947 DeSoto on TV, see a dazzling cream colored 1947 DeSoto in the show. It was the taxi of choice in NY city after the war. They are everywhere in the movie, Miracle on 34th Street.

A Junior Johnson (famous race car driver and bootlegger) car with autographs, photos and stories.

1956 Chrysler St Regis in red, white, and black, fins and flippers.

Lawrence Welk advertised for Dodge and PH states that he I saw him driving a Dodge that was identical to his 1958 red and white Golden Lancer Dodge.

Dodge went to war! See a 1941 ½ ton Dodge troop carrier.

PH is thrilled that the North Carolina Transportation Museum is asking for most of his vehicles for their display at Spencer. They will start going out soon.

PH said, “Hope you can come and see them.” We hope you will do just that. See history up close and personal before they head to Salisbury.

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