$10,000 and Counting

Marathon Jam 2015John Santa is a very proud of the hard work his Marathon Jammers have done this year. They reached their Chapel Hill goal of $10,000!

John said, “When we stopped playing on March 28th at almost 1:30 AM our total was $7,350.00. Since then we have raised an additional THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! And not only that, but the Boone, NC Marathon Jam (led by 14 year old Willow Dillon) is on track to raise their goal of THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS as well! Thanks as always for your interest and support!!”

We are also proud that we could provide space to host this event each year. We also provide public affairs assistance by working with local media and groups to publicize the Marathon Jam. A special thank you to all who helped host this event.

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