Woodfield Concept Plan with Town Council

Woodfield Concept PlanWoodfield Investments has finally had an opportunity to submit a concept plan for our property to the Town of Chapel Hill.  Learn more

Woodfield has put a lot of work into  development of our property.  They have modified their original concept to help make the post redevelopment possible.  Their first design was beautiful, had lots of open space and trails, and met the standards of an earlier  town council.  We hope that that design is not forgotten.

It has been many months since we decided to accept an offer for our post property and continue the legacy of the thousands of American Legionnaires that called Chapel Hill their post home.

Our post was chartered on August 28, 1919.  Our World War I doughboys, sailors, and marines found a post home site on Rosemary Street and then took axes and saws to nearby trees to build a log cabin post.  It served them and the community well  for 35 years.  They then took on the huge task of locating a site and building a new post home to meet the needs of World War II and Korea veterans.

That brought us to our present site in the middle of dairy land and miles from downtown Chapel Hill.  They added more land to the site, filled and leveled land, and built a new home.  That was about 1955.  Now we, too, are continuing their legacy by selling our 60 year old home and building a new home for  today’s veteran and their families.

If you are a veteran, why not join us.  There is a lot you can do to help us prepare for the future.  Spend an hour or spend lots of hours helping others.  Why not take a good look at  our website.  You are sure to find  something that interests your or that you could help us do better.  For more information, contact us at [email protected].


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