Blue Caps & Badges

The American Legion has a uniform and accessories service online and in a catalog.  Our logo, uniform accessories, and more are protected by copyright.  American Legion Flag & Emblem provides all members with a source for products unique to the American Legion or that include our American Legion logo.   

American Legion Flag & Emblem offers a wide range of shirts, caps, decals, pins, and other items for purchase by Legion members. We encourage every member to go online or call them and request a copy of their catalog.  To do so, call 1-888-453-4466.  Have your membership card read as you will need to provide your American Legion member number.  For web orders, visit:

If you have not yet met Ed Gill, you should.  He is the one at all of the meetings that has a small crowd forming around him.  He is very popular as one of his additional duties with the Post includes guiding you through the purchasing process, if you wish to place an order yourself.  But to make it easier for you, he can also serve as your advocate I take an order from you and other members and place your orders for you.  He’s your personal valet for all things that help outfit you as an American Legionnaire.

Some of the items that we encourage post members to have are Post No. 6 name tags and American Legion Blue overseas caps. Your Blue Cap is your American Legion Uniform.  The Blue Cap is all that you need as it identifies you as a member of a Post with a legacy that spans a century.  (Of course, for special events, services, dedications, and funerals (where we assemble to represent the American Legion) a sport jacket and tie are also appropriate.)

You will also see members wearing a blue golf shirt with American Legion Post 6 and their first name embroidered on it.  These are purchased locally from an Orange County vendor in Hillsborough.  The owner of the business, J & K Silkscreen, is a Vietnam Veteran and that is why we buy from him.  The shirts must be ordered in quantity, so Ed Gill takes the requests from each Legion member and places the orders for you. There is a minimum order of six shirts and it may take a while to fill an order.  Don’t worry, Ed is tenacious and will find others to help fill an order.

Ed Gill is also happy to help you navigate the Flag & Emblem catalog as some items need careful reading of the instructions for ordering.  As Ed says, “I have been doing this for post members for the past six years.”  Give him a call for help or just to chat at 919-732-3468.  Email Ed.


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