What’s Next for Legion Road?

When we made our decision to sell our current post home, we knew that the Town of Chapel Hill might be able to do things to the current site that we could not easily accomplish.  The town controls zoning.  But, that was understood.

So, we thought of the sale like we would if we sold our personal real estate.  Once we close on the sale, the property’s future is with the new owner.

Nevertheless, we do, from time-to-time, get questions on what is going to happen to the existing Post Home.  The Town of Chapel Hill has several groups looking into the possibilities.  There are far too many proposals for us to list here and we can best serve you by giving you a link to the applicable town website.  Their Task Force report has a lot of information on not only the future of the post property, but the history of the post and its valuation.  For example, “How was the $7.8 Million value set?”  Fortunately for the Post, we were good stewards of our property and were able to sell at a high point in the Chapel Hill real estate market.  You can find a link the Town of Chapel Hill American Legion Task Force Report on the Town’s website.

If you are also interested in the progress of the new post home site and our Special Use Permit, which can be found on the Orange County Website.

Members are encouraged to attend committee and Executive Committee meetings as an observer.  All American Legion meetings are open to American Legionnaires.  We also encourage all members to be active and proactive in all matters of the Post.  Officer positions are filled by active members who want to make a difference and to grow our Post and the American Legion.

For updates on all things regarding the new Post Home project, visit OUR NEW POST HOME by selecting the link in the taskbar above or by clicking here.

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