Fishing 2023

Our members can fish in our large pond behind the Post building.  The size of the fish are said to be quite large according to the pictures we have seen from Carlo Deblasio.  However, when We catch ’em, but we put them back in.  

The Grounds Maintenance Team which Wally Washburn is leading, has been working with Bill Francis to keep our water area at the back in the best condition to ensure the success for the fish and the intent of the area.  However, that does require some physical assistance from members at times.  We are planning a “pond cleanup” Event on August 19th 2023 starting at 6 AM that should bring us back to where we want to be for that area of our property for the upcoming Pond Inspection we have at the end of August 2023.  We appreciate anyone that is able to come out and assist us on this specific project and any other ones they can assist.  If you have any questions, reach out to Wally Washburn for more information.  
The pond is on private property and is not open to the public unless you are not a member.  We wont you to come out and enjoy the pond and encourage your Veteran Friends to come and join so they can enjoy your beautiful facilities too. 
We will get a picture of Wally cutting the grass from the new post so you can see how much work goes into the care of the facility and to enjoy.  The rewards of labor are great.  “You have to work to eat and to enjoy.”
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