James Mackorell

Jim and June Mackorell

Jim is a quiet fellow.  Wherever you see him, you will find his lovely wife, June.  They have worked in the post and in the community for over 30 years making both a better place for all.

You may not know this, but Jim was Boy Scout Troop 39’s scout leader.  He nurtured the young men of our town for many years and for a good part of it’s 100 year history!  But, that’s another story.

As a scout leader (1967-2006), he came up with many projects and programs that were trendsetting.  He was into recycling with his scouts and  church long before it was common practice.  In fact, he led Chapel Hill’s recycling program at the request of Mayor Howard Lee back in 1970…40 years ago!  It all started as a fund-raising project for his scouts.  (“In 1990, the non-profit group, Recycling for Youth, was formed to hold title to the Troop’s trucks and buses and to hold proceeds from the recycling as well as donations to a scout building fund.” Learn more)

His church, St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Chapel Hill) honored and his wife, June, in June 2012, with a Stewardship Profile; the church’s honor roll of great accomplishments by members.  The article tells a lot about this outstanding husband and wife team and their contributions to our town and their church.  It also shares with us the 29 years of hard work of June.  Her life’s work with St. Thomas More Church children instilled values that carry forward today in her students as they now, as adults, build their communities.  Read story:  Jim Mackorell STM

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