Speakers’ Bureau – Benefits Beyond Belief

Our Post Speakers’ Bureau was started a number of years ago to help the post commander fill special requests for a speaker, a guest appearance, a historical talk, to join in to speak on a radio program, and more.  We get lots and lots of requests.  Our speakers can be found in Cary, Henderson, Siler City, Yanceyville, Hendersonville, Burlington, and far beyond.  They are our American Legionnaires on parade.  They put a face to the American Legion and our community service as veterans.

Bud HamptonWe recently received a request for a guest to represent World War II veterans at a Military Ball hosted by the 353rd Military Police Battalion.  We asked for details and soon learned that they were looking for representatives of all military conflicts.  We were then able to provide a representative for both World War II and Vietnam.  Major “Bud” Hampton and Ed Gill were invited and attended.

They reported that this event was a very, very formal event and a delight to attend.  Take a look at  the many pictures of the event and see if you can locate Bud and Tarinee and Ed and Karen Gill.  Click here to see the event

How about you?  Are you ready to get involved and help others with their special event?  We’ll help you get started and all you have to be is you.  Of course, jacket and tie or appropriate uniform or dress is required.   You can learn more by talking to Ed Gill or Adjutant Lee Heavlin.

See the Adjutant to sign up for the Speakers’ Bureau.

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