Don’t Toss It! – Recycling

aluminum cansWe have an in-house project to collect aluminum cans.  The post will benefit and so will you!

Jim Mackorell has a post project to collect and recycle cans from the post and post members.  You can bring a bag or two of your cans from home and drop them off.  We have a large trailer just waiting to welcome your cans.

While you are at it, we can have a “two-for.”  Your one action of saving your cans can benefit both the post and at the same time help the American Legion support Ronald McDonald House in North Carolina.

Pull tab houseJust pull off the tab and set them aside.  Tabs are collected four times a year by posts from around the state.  The tabs are then sold by the pound and all proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House as a gift from the Department of North Carolina American Legion.

At the Department Mid-Winter Conference 1,725 pounds of pull tabs were collected!

You can join Louise Drogos and other members of the Ladies Auxiliary who are regular savers of pull-tabs.  See the post adjutant for a nifty Ronald McDonald Pull-tab Bank (pictured above) to store your tabs.

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