Post Membership –

Why you should belongIn our newly released newsletter, we had a section on membership and the importance of growing membership. New members are important, but we need to retain all of our existing members.

What is our plan? Personal contact. About 80% of our members have email. They know what is going on from our emails to members. The other 20% miss out on our programs and projects for lack of information.

We just completed a mailing of the new post newsletter to all members without an email address. They have been asked to let us know if they have email and to provide us their address.

They also now know what is going on with the post. The next newsletter will go out in late October and, it too, will be mailed to members without email.

A limited number of newsletters are available for recruiting purposes. We will also provide copies to the Orange County VSO and senior centers.

The post has 80 members who have not yet renewed for post year 2016. If you are one, please renew now. Dues were increased by National and that takes effect on Jan 1st. The new rate is $40.

Did you know that the Department provides information on how to strengthen post membership? You can see this month’s Membership and Post Activity newsletter by going to this link:  CLICK HERE

Here are a few more important links to current American Legion information:

For more information on Membership and to volunteer to help with membership, contact Vice Commanders Shane Hale or Robert Medred.


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