It’s Not Magic…

You have heard it many times, “This is a beautiful site. Wow.” or, ” What a nice pond. Is it stocked?” These statements and questions elicit thoughts and memories spanning over one hundred years.

Ed Gill just received “Legionnaire of the Year 2012”

But, the answers for the questions are getting shorter. It’s not that we don’t have an interest in the stories behind “the view,” we just don’t know the full story. We are rapidly losing our verbal historians.

There are thousands of stories being lost to the Post as we lose long time members and we need your help to change that.

Here is the challenge. If you have old pictures of you or your family doing things for or at the Post, can you share them?

We are compiling a library of pictures and their story for the Post Library. An example is the one here of then Vice Commander Ed Gill. He had just been presented with the Legionnaire of the Year award and it was a complete surprise. He must have gazed at that framed award for several minutes. He said, “I don’t deserved this…, ” or words to that effect. He really did and soon you will see examples of “why” as we unveil our photo gallery on the Post 6 Renewal Project.

A very young Leanna Long and Gene Drogos restore our field artillery piece.

There are lots and lots of stories of our journey from Legion Road to Highway 54 West. Many post members, volunteers, Auxiliary, friends of the Legion, and businesses have enabled us to survive as a viable, active post.

Yes, our new and old Post Homes did not get here by magic. It took a lot of work and a lot of forgotten stories. We hope you can help us create a more complete history. Watch for details.

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