History on Sale – Saturday 27 June Rummage Sale

We are mostly packed up and preparing to move and, like our own home of many years, not everything will go with us.  Now we need your help.

Whether you call it a tag sale, yard sale, rummage or garage sale, we are holding a one-time FOUR-HOUR SALE.  It is on Saturday, June 27, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Vintage stuff galore, dings and dents at no extra cost.  We got oak chairs, desks, office cubicles (2), captain’s chairs, stools, living room vinyl sofa sets (2), end tables, lamps, a wing back chair, and standing lamps.  There is an Early American style upright piano and bench.  We have a three-piece china cabinet. We got a few four-drawer filing cabinets (dust included free of charge). There’s a 1930’s era commercial delivery TIP TOP BREAD wood box–and it is in Tip Top like-new condition!  There are even Knicks and Knacks of every description.

Cheeseburger on a vintage plate in Carrboro!

There are lots and lots of vintage commercial grade durable oval, round, and dessert plates.  You can outfit your personal at-home diner or purchase for your club, church, or group. We have restaurant china and we have them in case lots and loose.  We’ll sell you a case or just one.  (I have even dropped an oval plate on my kitchen tiled floor and it just bounced and slid across the floor!)

There are plenty of vintage Navy-style  coffee mugs.  You may remember the dishes and plates from your travels and dining in a Jersey or New England Diner.  As “Betty Crocker” would have wrote, “…if well presented, food tastes better.”  If you serve your family “diner food” (burgers, fries, club sandwiches, spaghetti, meatloaf, etc.) on a real diner plate, you are creating memories for the whole family (and maybe even pop a tear of pride that you shared your history with them).

Calling all Navy Chiefs and aviators.  Buy a few mugs for your grand kids and tell them about your service days.  Show them your coffee drinking stance as you reviewed flight ops, held division meetings, or just hung out.  (This writer still has a Cory stainless double-boiler coffee pot!)

We’ve got knives, forks, spoons, and lots of miscellaneous kitchen utensils.  There is a “brand new” electric wok.  There are picture frames and stands.  There is even a 1920’s framed World War I service certificate (about 24″x30″) that is perfect for someone’s library, history collection, or buddy.

Three large wired Christmas trees are looking for a high ceiling room and a bunch of kids or youth group.  Christmas is for kids.  Make a few smile.

You may find nothing or you may find something that is a few years new or vintage from our first post home built in 1920 on Rosemary St.  Most of all, you will help us find new homes for our stuff.  Prices are reasonable.  We need to “clear the decks.”  So, mark your calendars and come on by the Legion Road Post Home.  We won’t have hot coffee, but we have got the cups! 

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