Post History Shared

We have been quite busy setting up our new Post Home.  Lots of people, lots of hours.  We have found many items of historical interest and we found a lot of “stuff.”

As you look around the new post you will see member-provided memorabilia.  Items will appear on the walls.  There are command plaques, paintings, pictures and more.  There are also some items that have a history…a Post historical item.  It could be a flag, book, map, or decor.  All these things decorate our post in the same way that we post things around our own homes, dens, offices, and yards.  

You can contribute to our Post Museum with an item on loan or permanent contribution  Greg Smith is leading the museum project and has added a special commemorative plaque honoring the Purple Heart Medal and post recipients.  It will be displayed in a prominent place in the museum area. If you have a Purple Heart, the Post Commander would like you to email Greg and give him your name. His email is:  [email protected].  You will not need to surrender your Purple Heart as we have one already.

We have also added a new website page and group on the post’s history.  Click here to view the premiere page and learn more about Post 6 history.

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