Fish Pond Update – Fishing Jamboree

Going to get lucky?
Going to get lucky?

Tim Ross reports that he and Robert Medred trimmed, cut, stomped on and some other things to the bushes and trees, and then trimmed all along the post pond.

Robert did an incredible amount of work in a fairly short time and it will look great.  Tim wrote, “I did some trimming earlier with a new clipper which worked great.  But really Bob did all the heavy stuff and I mostly just hauled it to the back of the dam on large tarp.”
It takes a lot of work to make our Post a home that we can be proud of and to invite others to share with us.  We applaud both Tim Ross and Bob Medred for dressing up the water’s edge.  This will ensure that our younger Scouts will have better access to some of the better fishing areas.


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