Under Seize – What’s Happening?

Legionnaire Gene Drogos touches up 1898 Navy assault cannon at post.
Legionnaire Gene Drogos touches up 1898 Navy assault cannon at post.

A very simple and basic proposal, well-thought out and coordinated to meet the expressed needs of the community and Town of Chapel Hill, should have been an easy task.  It was not.

We have watched and listened with wonder as others have held forums, town-sponsored meetings, signed petitions, and even twice solicited opposition while on site and our guests at Chapel Hill Post No. 6.

All the while that this has been going on, we have been looking at each other and scratching our heads.  What’s going on?  Why are they contemplating, envisioning, and proposing options on land that is privately owned?  Land that the town found that they did not need and, therefore, decided not to purchase–even with a $1,000,000 discount.  Instead the town passed on their “first right of refusal’ and accepted a park linking to a town park and other concessions.

We attended a local Town Council “working” meeting as quiet observers listening to options, plans, suggestions to harvest our hardwoods, and partnerships with others to get the best use out of American Legion property.  It was enlightening.

It sounded like the American Legion did not exist or have ownership rights to their home. A home built and supported by more than five generations of war veterans. The speakers spoke like investor-owners.  Again, there was one problem. The town did not purchase the property under discussion and the post home and property is not owned by the neighborhood or meeting attendees.

Mark Zimmerman recently wrote a well-thought out opinion piece for the Chapel Hill News.  He has captured the essence of our dilemma.   He wrote, “Chapel Hill’s American Legion Post 6 must be wondering what they did to deserve the firestorm that has erupted after deciding to sell their land to be developed.”  We could not have said it better.  Take a look at his article and learn what we are up against.  Click here.

We thank Chapel Hill News for their outstanding coverage of local veterans ad American Legion Post 6 through news coverage, opinion pieces, and editorials.  They are a good neighbor and we appreciate their coverage.

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