Field Kitchen Help Needed

Army Field Kitchen Ft BenningIf you have ever spent time in a field kitchen working with limited resources and a hungry battalion, we are looking for you.  And, if you are a swabbie who knows his way around a galley, we  need you, too.
We urgently need a new crew for the post kitchen.  This is a complete crew totally responsible for the operation of the kitchen reporting to the Building and Grounds Committee.
Mess Sergeant duties include care and service of equipment, maintaining inventory of equipment and supplies, replenishment, and safety.
The post kitchen team  also plans meals for about 70 people,  orders/purchases needed food items, and prepares a balanced meal for his post family.
Other members of the team solicit help from post members to stage the dining hall, setup tables and chairs, setup serving lines, and, on occasion decorate for special occasions.
Navy field cookingPost meeting days start early for the kitchen team.  The lead chef goes to work at about noon.  He already has his meal supplies on hand and is ready to prepare salads, stage rolls for the oven, and prepare desserts.  The main course items are then prepared for the oven or range, as are  the accompaniments.
Sounds overwhelming, but it is not, if you have a group of buddies to help you out.
If you want to learn how to do it and help out, stop the post on meeting day to see what is done and what needs to be done. There are lots of things to do to setup, arrange, bake and cook.  Learn what it takes to put on a meal.
Onionhead cookOur post has been fortunate to have had the services of Delois O’Daniel, Bud Childress, and others for years.  All three are now gone.  Frank Honor has been a Legionnaire for over 65 years and many of those years have found him in front of the stove.  It is  now time to “relieve the watch,” as we say in the Navy.
We also need a support team just before the meal and afterwards.  There are pots and pans needing  cleaner-uppers and  a cleanup crew.  If you hate meetings, maybe this is for you.


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