End Year Food Drive

Our Post home may be quieter this year, but our community still has lots of urgent needs.

Commander Bill Munsee announced in a December Newsletter that we would hold a holiday food drive. He wrote, “Vice Commander, Dave Chandler, ran this by me the other day and I thought it was a good idea. He recommended that we do a food drive on Saturday. He recommended this for a couple of reasons. First, it would allow some of you to get out of the house and come visit the post, and second, we know that all of the food banks are very low this season due to the pandemic. We will probably donate the food to a local food bank in Chapel Hill, so if you’re not doing anything this Saturday, please bring some sort of food stuff to the post and we will ensure that it gets to a local food bank.”

We are pleased to report that quite a few members dropped by and left food for the Interfaith Council Food Bank (IFC). We did not collect a huge amount of food as in our joint efforts with UNC Veterans, but it was a start. We have been taking a number of steps to move forward and hold smaller COVID-restrictive events. We can not just sit by and lose the momentum we have created during the last five years.

Thank you for your support!  We hope that you will sent aside some pantry items that you can drop by the post before a meeting or planned Saturday gathering.

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