Discounts for Military

Did you know that Federal employees, past and present, can get a discount on their wireless phones?  How about veterans and military discounts at restaurants, stores, and service centers?  And, if you are an AARP member, there are local discounts for you.

First the AARP deal of the week.  If you visit the local Regal Cinema at Timberlyne Shopping Center, your AARP card can give you a large discount at the concession counter!  This was passed on to this roving reporter by an alert employee who spotted his AARP card.  It is nearly half off!  Time to take the kids to the movie and actually be able to afford the snack counter.  Of course, active duty and retired military get a discount, as do seniors.

Denny’s Restaurants also give all AARP card holders a 20% discount!

Now for the details on other discounts.  Colleges are receiving new students on the GI Bill and are watching out for them.  Here is a link to the University of North Texas’ Veterans’ Center and their current list of discounts.  Link

The American Legion also has a huge selection of discounts for members.  Why not maximize the value of your Legion membership.  Learn more

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