Carolina Baseball vs. Duke

Start the baseball season with some outstanding Carolina college baseball at UNC-Chapel Hill on Saturday, April 20th.  We have Military Family appreciation tickets for just $3 a person! The game will include a fireworks display.

Carolina baseballThe UNC Chapel Hill Athletic Department will have discounted tickets for military personnel (active, National Guard, active Reserves, active military personnel, and veterans) and their families for the baseball game with Duke on Saturday, April 20. Tickets for that game are normally $7 – $10, but the offer the University is making is for $3 per ticket for a military person and his/her family. For example, if a veteran took 3 of his/her grandchildren and his spouse to the game, the price would be 5 x $3 = $15 plus a $3 – $4 charge for the total order – $18 – $19 for 5 people. Even at the price for seats well down the left field or right field lines, the price for 5 people would be $35. This is a very special deal to honor military personnel in the area.

The Tar Heels are 25-2 and are ranked #1 in the country. Duke is a major rival for them so the game should be very competitive. Following the game will be fireworks – a wonderful way to end a warm spring evening at a baseball game! Kids (children and grandchildren) will love the game and the fireworks to follow. All military people present will be honored during the game.

Tickets for the game at this special price must be ordered on the web prior to the game. What follows is how that ordering is done:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Ticket Central
  3. Scroll over to Tickets, and put the cursor over it until the drop down menu appears
  4. Once the drop down menu appears click on promotions
  5. Enter the code BB13-TH10
  6. From there it will ask for quantity and payment information.

Special Instructions:

  • For each online order there will be a $3 to $4 dollar fee associated with it, so I would recommend ordering in groups instead of individual (if an order is for 5, use a quantity of 5, not 5 orders for 1 each.

This is a special promotion and will only work for the UNC vs Duke game on April 20 at 6 p.m.

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