American Legion Buddy Program

Sitting on Elmer’s new deck. A fine Sunday afternoon.

The American Legion has a program to check up on and help engage an absent member with Post activities.  Sometimes they are dealing with work, family or other issues.  Often it is age or illness.  The Buddy Check Program starts with a phone call to a missing comrade.  Have you noticed that a frequent attendee has been absent for a while?  Why not give them a call and see what’s going on.

This writer was out and about near Elmer Hughes’ house today and  remembered that he has not seen Elmer for about two months.  So, I drove by and parked and dialed his number.  He answered and I asked if I could drop by and see him.  He was delighted and asked me what would be a good day.  I said, “How about now?  I am nearby.”  I ended up spending about two hours with him sitting out in the sun.  It was good medicine for him, and for me, too.  

I find that our senior members have a lot of stories to share.  You can start there and get them talking.  They have a lot to contribute still.  I spoke with Elmer, now 102 years of age, about his troop movement on a Liberty Ship through the Straits of Gibraltar en route to India.  We talked about B-17’s, B-24’s and B-29’s.  He remembered his journey and the aircraft like it was just a few days ago.  Elmer was also in South America and Indo-China and served for 37 years in the U.S. Air Force.  

Did you know that Elmer was also one of the major donors of time, talent, and service that made our transition from Legion Road to our new Post home possible.  It took eight plus years and members like Elmer to make it happen.

You can learn more about the Buddy Check program and download information from

Downloads:  Tools for Buddy Check Teams

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